04/19/2011 01:30 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2011

New York State Officials Release Tax Returns

New York state's top two state officials both earned more than 200,000 dollars in 2010, according to a report from The Albany Times Union.

Governor Cuomo earned $200,472; $143,870 of which came from his time as Attorney General. He paid $25,369 in federal taxes; $12,234 in state taxes and $6,397 in New York City taxes. Cuomo has a house in Westchester County and an apartment in New York City, both of which he shares with Food Network personality and girlfriend Sandra Lee, although the two did not file a joint tax return.

CBS News finds that Lt. Governor Robert Duffy and his wife reported more than $234,000 in joint incomes from their salaries and from Robert's pension as former Rochester police chief.

(New York's last Lt. Governor, Richard Ravitch, worked for free but famously received a tax bill anyway for chauffeur services and taxable meals, which he paid without protest).

Although elected officials are not required to release their tax returns, they traditionally do so, supplying select journalists with the documents under the condition that the documents not be released anywhere online.

As for Attorney General Eric Scheniderman, reports:

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman listed $96,868 from income last year as a state senator, plus $5,338 in ordinary dividends and a $3,000 loss from about $800,000 in mutual funds he sold to help finance his campaign and other expenses. He also reported a $24,162 loss from supporting the theater group The Guitar Company LP.

After giving $19,250 mainly to charities that provide sanctuary to families, Schneideran's federal tax bill was $7,606 and he had overpaid in withholdings by $14,102. His state tax return was not available.

And the Wall Street Journal has it that State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli earned a total income of $166,976, most of it earned from his state paycheck.

However, compared to our best-selling author/President, the earning of New York officials seem relatively low. President Obama's return shows a total 2010 income of 1.7 million dollars. Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, who does not receive a salary for his job as Mayor, has yet to release his tax return to journalists.