04/20/2011 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travis Forbes: Suspect in Kenia Monge Disappearance Has Criminal History (VIDEO)

Kenia Monge disappeared almost three weeks ago from nightclub 24K in Denver, and today suspect Travis Forbes is facing mounting suspicions as more light is being shed upon his criminal past.

Forbes, 31, has a history of burglaries which include "a creepy interest in stealing, poking holes in and marking women's panties," according to Westword. He is reported to have stolen at least two pairs of women's panties, marking them with the letter "M" and presumably ripping them.

In a separate burglary case, he told 9News he used to steal Demerol from dentists' offices and even spent three years in jail. In 2004, he was convicted of third-degree assault for stoning two female joggers.

Factoring into the mounting suspicions are Forbes self-proclaimed status as "the main suspect in the search of the missing teen" and his being the last known person to have seen Monge, 19.

9News reports:

Records show he has been arrested three times for burglary, twice for shoplifting and several other times for assault, parole violations, trespassing and disturbing the peace since June 1997.

He was evicted from his last residence in Denver in January because he didn't pay rent and owes his landlord $3,000 in damages he left behind, according to his landlord Dena Kitsos.

The caretaker of the property says Forbes had a pot growing operation in the basement of the rental property and had rigged the electrical meters to steal electricity for his lights.

Currently, Forbes is homeless.

Monge was last seen on the night of April 1. Around 2:30 a.m., Forbes says he and his friend Eddie offered to give her a ride home because she was stumbling, drunk and crying. Her home is also near Deby's Bakery & Café where Forbes worked. Just before being picked up, she was seen walking around with a homeless man. Sometime after picking her up, Forbes says Eddie got out and walked home.

According to Forbes, Monge walked off with another man she had apparently just met when they stopped at a Conoco off of Speer Boulevard because she wanted cigarettes. Forbes says she bummed a cigarette off the other man and left with him.

Forbes told 9News:

They sat down, smoked cigarettes and all of a sudden, I was no longer important. I was just one stranger and then she was off with another stranger. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't get any bad vibes from this person. He was clean cut. He wasn't homeless.

Everybody has their own choices. And she chose to walk off with this guy and I can't blame myself for that.

But a search warrant obtained by police shows that the day Monge disappeared Forbes turned off the surveillance cameras for two hours at the bakery where he worked, although he wasn't scheduled to work that evening. Before the cameras were turned off, they showed Forbes wearing latex gloves and at least two men outside burning something in a big barrel, according to a witness from that evening.

A detective said that a search of Forbes' van seemed to reveal new interiors including a new rubber floor mat.

According to the warrant, Forbes also texted Monge the next day saying, "Hey this is Travis, the guy who gave you a ride last night. - white creepy van.:) did you get home okay?"

Forbes has yet to be charged with a crime, or to be even labeled a suspect in this case, Lieutenant Matthew Murray tells HuffPost.

Watch the 9News report on Travis Forbes.