04/20/2011 01:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ryan Clark Rips Roger Goodell Over NFL Schedule Release (VIDEO)

The 2011 NFL schedule was released on Tuesday, but one player thinks the league should have held off on the release.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark appeared on ESPN's First Take on Wednesday and ripped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, suggesting that the release was a PR stunt.

“Instead of saying, ‘You know what, guys, we’re gonna hold the schedule off until we can figure out this situation – until we can make sure that the fans have football this year,’ no: ‘We’re gonna put the schedule out and find another way to put my face on TV,’” Clark explained.

He also compared Goodell to former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, claiming that the players saw him "as a real man."

"Paul Tagliabue was a guy who's gonna get people in the room [who] can make decisions," he said. "Whereas throughout these negotiations, [Goodell] has to leave for hours to make conference calls and call people who can make decisions."

This isn't the first time Clark has criticized Goodell and the NFL owners.

In February, the 31-year-old called out the league for being greedy and said that the offers proposed by the owners were "ridiculous."

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WATCH: (Video courtesy of Sports Grid)