04/22/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2011

Robbie Gould Rips Owners: 'Lockout Is All Because Of The Owners' Greed'

More NFL players are weighing in on the lockout and lashing out at the owners.

On Wednesday, Chicago Bears kicker and player representative Robbie Gould told the Chicago Tribune that the lockout is the owners' fault.

"Look fans don't buy tickets to see Virginia or Brian McCaskey. They pay to watch Brian Urlacher, Drew Brees and all the great players," he said. "This lockout is all because of the owners' greed. I'm sorry if that sounds cold, but it is the truth."

Gould, who lashed out at the owners in March, went on to say that he doesn't feel bad for the players who didn't save their money in preparation for the lockout.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark called out the owners' greed in February and said their proposals are "ridiculous."

Baltimore Ravens receiver called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "a joke" earlier this month and said he needs to work on getting a deal done instead of "crying" about blood tests.