04/25/2011 03:26 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2011

'Entourage' Movie: Jeremy Piven Talks Post-Series Film

"Entourage" may be ending after this coming season, but it looks as if Vince Chase and his buddies may have one more big adventure in store.

Jeremy Piven spoke with NY Magazine about his new film, "Angel's Crest," and soon enough, the conversation veered toward a potential future film: a post-series "Entourage" movie.

"Could we do more? Absolutely. But I think that's the perfect way to end it," Piven reasoned. "And people's biggest complaint with me is that there needs to be more show -- it's not long enough. So I think that we're set up pretty nicely for a movie."

A film about the crew from Queens transplanted to glitzy Hollywood has been the subject of speculation since last summer, when HBO announced that the series would be ending and programming exec Michael Lombardo said creator Doug Ellin wanted to put his boys on the big screen.

"[Ellin] clearly wants to write a film but wants to do it if it makes sense for the story," Lombardo said. "We have a long-term relationship with Doug Ellin, and I'm sure you'll soon see another series from him here."

In December, executive producer Mark Wahlberg further stoked the speculation, saying, "We have one last season left on TV and then it would probably take place after the finale. There are places to go. I'm still here all these years later, aren't I? My story didn't end in my 20s."

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