04/27/2011 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Asks, 'Can You Keep A Straight Face While Interviewing Donald Trump?' (VIDEO)

Even though President Obama essentially put the Birther debate to rest today by releasing his birth certificate, there are still plenty of reasons to mock Donald Trump other than his now-debunked suspicions.

Jimmy Kimmel dedicated some time on his show Tuesday night to Donald "Hairforce One" Trump, his 2012 intentions and his new crusade: proving that Obama was not in fact, Harvard material.

More importantly, Kimmel sympathized with the journalists who have to listen to Trump day in and day out simply because he's on top of the GOP polls. He even suggested a new game show revolving around that very predicament: "Can You Keep A Straight Face While Interviewing Donald Trump?"

Watch the clip below to see what may be the most challenging game show that never existed.