04/29/2011 06:52 am ET Updated Jun 28, 2011

Academics Take On Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding madness has made its way into the ivory tower.

According to Inside Higher Ed, even professors are entering the melee surrounding the royal nuptials. Academics of all stripes are using the wedding to illustrate scientific, sociological and political phenomena in their fields.

Below, check out some of our favorite professorial musings on the subject of the newlyweds:

• "By choosing their future queen from amongst the commoners, the Britons are taking a cue from another successful eusocial group: the honeybees (Apis mellifera). When honeybees need a new queen they select larvae, which would otherwise become ordinary worker bees, and feed them a sustained diet of 'royal jelly,' which transforms the larvae into queens." Cell Press

• "A decade ago, when Prince William announced that he was enrolling at the University of St. Andrews, its number of female applicants rose by 85%, reflecting his status at the time as the world's most eligible bachelor. Although few can relate to William's particular challenge of searching for a future bride amidst such an overwhelming number of would-be princesses, his problem was reminiscent of a dilemma that confronts transcription factors, which must scan extraordinarily long stretches of DNA to find appropriate targets at which to initiate gene expression." Cell Press

• "Male brains will be sparked by Will's military titles (flight lieutenant, captain in the Blues and Royals, commodore-in-chief of Scotland) and Kate's signals of fertility and fitness (cheekbones, legs, style, humour) to conjure a primal mating scenario - King Kong and Ann Darrow, Genghis Khan and his many conquests, that sort of thing." Geoffrey Miller, New Scientist

• “For Americans, [Will and Kate’s story] really taps into something that’s deep in this culture, anybody can succeed, you just have to try hard. It really does, for a lot of people, bring home the possibility that it could be them.” Philippa Levine, co-director of the British studies program at the University of Texas in Austin

• “I predict that the honeymoon destination will be a country where the queen is head of state…But which one? It is possible to narrow down the field further given the assumption that the honeymoon destination has to be a 'politically significant' country. There is a further clue. When on an official trip to Australia last month, Prince William told well-wishers that he had long wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef.” Sean Carey, Research Fellow at the Young Foundation

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