05/03/2011 02:01 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2011

Why Radical Islam Fears Bollywood Culture (VIDEO)

Shikha Dalmia, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Reason Foundation, discusses why the forces of radical Islam fear the rise of Bollywood culture on the subcontinent.

She says: "The hope was that if can't change the middle east by pointing guns at it, then Hollywood is going to do it. But the problem is that Hollywood is very, very different. It's very alien. But the one force that actually speaks to their concerns is Bollywood, India's film industry. "

"Young people in the middle east are just lapping up Bollywood.. It comes from the same cultural cloth. It reflects the kind of issues that Muslims are dealing with. The same kind of clash between tradition and modernity that Bollywood and India are dealing with."

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