05/04/2011 07:52 am ET Updated Jul 04, 2011

Erin Ann Hicks, Texas State University Student, Dead After Window Jump

Three Texas State University students jumped out a first-floor dormitory window on Tuesday. One, Eirin Ann Hicks, is dead, another, Kristin McCreery is injured.

The Austin-American Statesmen has more:

University spokesman Mark Hendricks said that about 2 a.m. Tuesday, three students — Hicks, McCreery and an unnamed male student — decided to jump out of a window at the dorm. Beneath the window is a hill, and the two women were injured in the fall, Hendricks said.

Hendricks said Hicks suffered head injuries and was in critical condition for much of Tuesday, and McCreery suffered back injuries. Hendricks said there was a small gathering taking place at the dorm room at Laurel Hall, but it is unclear why the three students jumped out the window. University police were interviewing residents and witnesses Tuesday, Hendricks said.

Students attended a vigil on campus last night to honor Hicks.