05/06/2011 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mayor Daley In Smithe Ad: Local Celebrities Appear In Tribute (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is taking something of a victory lap at the end of his 22 years in office. He's gone on a "farewell tour" of neighborhood locations around the city, and at his final City Council meeting basked in praise from friends and foes alike.

He's also embarked on a new career (though he insists it's not for pay): TV advertising.

Daley appeared in a spot for the Walter E. Smithe custom furniture company, which is essentially an extended tribute to the Mayor by a host of city celebrities. (Scroll down to watch.) He appears on screen next to the three brothers who own the company, with characters ranging from President George W. Bush to fictional Alderman Ed Bus bidding him a fond farewell from office.

“Together, we have built this great city," Daley closes the ad. "I will miss you, too.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Daley took a break from magnanimity to be his usual media-antagonizing self when asked if he'd been paid for the gig:

“No, I wasn’t paid. I’m not like you. You get paid every day to ask questions. I don’t get paid that. No. I wouldn’t ask any money,” the mayor said.

“This is free. There’s nothing wrong with that. I know the media wants to get paid. You want all that money to roll into you. But, these are average people that are doing an entrepreneurship in business. And I do that continually.”

With Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel already appearing image-conscious and media-savvy, we'll certainly miss Hizzoner's unprovoked bouts of grumpiness.

The ad doesn't make a mention of Smithe's furniture, and if not for their URL in the bottom corner, you might not know it was a spot for anything at all, other than the Daley legacy.

Watch the ad: