05/06/2011 09:54 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2011

Gaither Loewenstein, Modesto Junior College President, Quits Over Song Lyrics

The president of Modesto Junior College quit his job on Wednesday after some folk song lyrics he composed -- one such lyric discussing how he was going to do cocaine at a family holiday -- became public knowledge.

Gaither Loewenstein had been writing music for the past 30 years and, in 2007, he made a personal website for his music with over 100 songs. Loewenstein told the Modesto Bee that he had not updated the site since becoming president of Modesto Junior College and that it was "administered by friends."

The Modesto Bee has more on Loewenstein's interesting libretto:

The music, mostly folk rock, includes lyrics that touch on everything from homosexuality to sexual infatuation and drug use. Others songs include a smattering of foul language, some suggestive sexual imagery, reference to heavy drinking and his political views.

A song complaining about a Amtrak ride from Sacramento to Portland includes the line, "Your railroad is the s****, they got better service on the way to Auschwitz." Another discusses a dysfunctional family at Christmas and has the verse, "We'll go broke and snort some coke as the holiday grows near."

Loewenstein has been president of Modesto Junior College for less than a year. He has presided over massive cuts to the school in order to make up for the $8 million dollar budget shortfall anticipated next year.