05/06/2011 05:07 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2011

McDonald's Stabbing: Security Guard Knifed By Homeless Man (VIDEO)

A midtown McDonald's, that witnesses said is a hotbed for drug sales, was the site of a brutal stabbing Friday.

The New York Post reports that the victim was trying to break up a fight between two men. The altercation spilled out onto the street, and that's when the security guard was stabbed in the abdomen, according to WABC.

"They sell everything in there," one customer said referring to drug peddlers. "It’s a one-stop shop. That’s why they have a security guard."

Doorman Nelson Abreu told the Daily News, "I saw the guy on the ground trying to defend himself with a cane. The cane broke, and like two minutes later he was bleeding. Lots of blood coming from the leg."

The suspect fled, but was later apprehended by police. The victim is in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital.

WATCH footage of the attack's aftermath: