Mother's Day: World's Best And Worst Places To Be A Mom (PHOTOS)

Norwegian moms have an extra special reason to feel proud this Mother's Day, as their nation has just been ranked the world's best place to be a mother, according to a new report.

In fact, Scandinavian nations dominated most of the top spots in the State of the World's 2011 Mother's Index. Prepared by Save the Children, the 12th annual report analyzes health, economic and educational conditions for women and children in 164 countries.

Other European nations scored well, including Germany and the United Kingdom, at 11 and 13 respectively. Among the 43 developed countries ranked, the U.S. fared less well, landing at 31.

On the opposite end of the scale was Afghanistan, which came in dead last at 164. Among the report's other disturbing findings about low-ranking nations, including Chad (160) and Niger (163): nine out of 10 women in these nations are likely to suffer the loss of a child in their lifetime, one out of every three children suffers from malnutrition and over half of all births are not attended by skilled health personnel.

View more information about the report, including the full rankings, here.

View the world's top 10, and the worst five, places to be a mother below:

World's Best And Worst Places To Be A Mother