05/09/2011 05:36 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2011

'Entourage' Wants Charlie Sheen

Looks like "Entourage" is looking to go out with a bang.

The HBO show, which enters its final season this summer, has a lot planned for its swan song, including a Johnny Drama cartoon and some major pro athletes making cameos. But creator Doug Ellin isn't satisfied with just those story lines: he's looking to bring in the most controversial star out there.

Yes, Charlie Sheen.

Speaking to TV Guide, Ellin revealed that he's been burning the phone lines, trying to line up the former "Two and a Half Men" star.

"I called his manager and was told maybe I'd get him," Ellin told TV Guide in their exclusive look at the upcoming season. "But I'm still waiting for Charlie to call me back. I'd come up with something good."

Whether it'd be a guest spot or a long arc remains to be seen, but it could be a great combination: the craziest guy in Hollywood on a show about the crazy people in Hollywood.

And hey, if it works out, perhaps Sheen can have a part in that big screen epilogue they have planned. But he may need to get more serious about rehab, something to which Rob Lowe recently said he has no commitment.

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