05/09/2011 10:30 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2011

Craft Beer Spotlight: Twisted Pine's Ghost Face Killah

Last year, Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Boulder created what they hope to be the spiciest beer in the universe: the Ghost Face Killah, a mouth-watering, tear-jerking, spicy chili beer to end all others.

It vanished into legend for the last year while we nursed our wounded tongues and throats -- but Twisted Pine has just resurrected it in bottles! Now the challenge is on, craft beer lovers: Stop by the Twisted Pine Ale House and see if you can get through a pint of this powerful stuff.

Ghost Face Killah starts off as a wheat beer, but then takes a sharp turn with five varieties of hot chilies: jalapeno, habanero, fresno, anaheim, serrano. Then it goes nuclear with the "ghost pepper" -- a chili that has a reputation of being 200 times more powerful than the jalapeno.

This hellishly hot concoction makes for a beer that brings a heat like a full bottle of Tabasco. But when it passes, there's a rich wheat beer flavor to cool you back down.

Happy Hour is an all-day event at the Twisted Pine Ale House; drop by (Monday - Friday; 11am to 5pm) for great deals on pints. On Wednesdays, ladies can drink $3 pints. And if you bring in three or more canned food items, your first pint is on the house.

Twisted Pine Ale House
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