05/16/2011 03:48 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2011

Best Summer Cocktails: Denver's Sauciest Sangria

Celebrate the return of summer (and the start of the weekend) with an easy, cool cocktail to soothe your palate: sangria. This wine-based fruity punch is all over Denver in the warmer months; here are our favorites.

Limón: This downtown eclectic Latin American lounge carries a palate-pleasing red sangria with a Latin twist. Created with four types of wine (merlot, cabernet, shiraz and white zin), there are also eight kinds of liquor -- including Bacardi rum, peach schnapps, apricot brandy, gin and grand Marnier -- along with fresh oranges, apples, mangos, bananas, citrus, watermelons and pineapples. Then they ferment it for nearly three weeks before serving. Yum.
$5/glass, $20/carafe
1618 E. 17th Ave.; 303-322-0898

LoLa: While LoLa also offers a Sangria Rojo, we’re sending you here for the Fall Rosé Sangria, made with Domaine de Canton ginger liquor, peach brandy, apple cider, rosé wine and seasonal fruit topped with a cinnamon dusted orange.
1575 Boulder St.; 720-570-8686

Max Gill & Grill: The white sangria at Max’s offers more of a fruity peach tone than the average punch, using Colorado peaches from Palisades when in season. This white wine mixture also includes peach brandy; fresh-cut fruit, like pineapple, green apple and oranges; as well as a few secret ingredients that keep us happily guessing.
$6/glass, $4 on Wednesdays
1052 S. Gaylord St.; 303-722-7456

Eight Rivers: Enjoy the islands at this Caribbean-themed LoDo restaurant with citrus sangria made up of pineapple, lime, orange, dark rum, orange liqueur and red wine.
$5/glass, $3 during happy hour
1550 Blake St.; 303-623-3422

Black Pearl: You may not find it on the menu of this Pearl Street eatery, but that doesn’t mean it’s off the table. Special order the white sangria: It’s made with a seasonal fruit white wine -- usually a pinot grigio – plus St. Germaine’s elderflower liquor and simple syrup.
1529 South Pearl St.; 303-777-0500

Rioja: Larimer Square’s Spanish bar does not disappoint with its classic sangria containing red wine, marinated fruit, brandy and crème de cassis, a dark, sweet liqueur made of black currants.
1431 Larimer St.; 303-820-2282