05/13/2011 08:55 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

Fake German Census Form Asks About Drug Use And Penis Size

A fake census form that asks respondents things like what kind of drugs they take and the size of their sex organs is causing a furor in Germany.

The forms look like Germany's current 2011 census forms -- which just went out this week -- and have questions like “Which drugs do you take?” with boxes marked with options like LSD or marijuana. Another question asks if the respondent has a breast or penis enlargement procedure.

The forms may look real, but according to , those questions, intriguing as they may be, aren't officially part of the census.

“These questions were all entirely fictitious, we wouldn’t ask anything like that,” said Klaus Voy, Census Project Manager at the Brandenburg-Berlin Office of Statistics.

Although the fake census looks identical to the real thing, unlike the real one, the forms are mysteriously delivered to mailboxes without an envelope.

Since the real German census has come under fire from privacy advocacy groups because some questions, such as immigration background and religion, are beyond EU requirements, officials fear the questions on the fake census might, at first glance, seem legit.