05/13/2011 03:32 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2011

New York Times 'Week In Review' Relaunch: Editor Bill Keller Wants Newsroom Involved

NEW YORK -- New York Times executive editor Bill Keller sent a message to the newsroom Thursday: there's still a place for reporters in the paper's soon-to-be-overhauled "Week in Review" section.

On Wednesday, The Huffington Post reported on some of the changes expected on the opinion side of the combined news-editorial operation.

For one thing, opinion columnists such as Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd will get more space to write long-form pieces on occasion. Also, the Times' top opinion columnists, along with outside op-ed contributors, may be featured on the front page of the section rather than only in the back pages, as they have been in the past.

Of course, the long-running, weekly section -- which may be renamed “Sunday Review" before the overhaul is complete -- isn’t made up of only opinion pieces. Traditionally, Times reporters and editors have written analytical pieces weighing in on the news from their beats and areas of expertise. And Keller reminded them of that fact.

From Keller’s memo:

The Week in Review -- redesigned, renamed, and aiming for a relaunch this summer -- will still be a great platform for newsroom writers. As most of you know, it will be a mix of the best opinion writing from Times columnists and outside contributors, and the best news analysis and behind-the-news insights from the newsroom. We want to encourage the many of you who have cherished the review over the years to continue to regard it as a showcase for smart, incisive work.

In addition, Keller informed staff that current Styles editor Mary Suh will be leading “the newsroom editing staff" of the combined news and editorial operation. "She is eager to have you pitch ideas for the home stretch of the WIR and for the new incarnation of the review," Keller wrote. "Call her soon, and often."

Keller didn’t get into specifics about the launch date, but Times staffers expect it to be in June.