05/15/2011 01:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pizza Fusion In Denver Hires Former Homeless Alcohol Abusers, Seeks Liquor License (VIDEO)

The owner describes it as a family-friendly place, but others are worried about a new restaurant that employs formerly homeless people to serve alcohol.

John Parvensky, president of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, has applied for a liquor license at Pizza Fusion, the restaurant he operates, KDVR reports. The pizza joint employs 23 formerly homeless people -- some of whom are in recovery for alcohol addiction.

When asked if it was a good match, he told KDVR:

"Totally, that's part of the recovery process."

About $8,000 of the Coalition for the Homeless' funding comes from tax dollars, and Parvensky says he's using it responsibly. But Amber Lyman, who manages a bar across the street, disagrees and tells KDVR she's concerned:

"It doesn't go back to why you were originally trying to help these people. Now you're trying to make money off it, and that it's just not right."



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