05/17/2011 01:06 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2011

The 6 Random People You'll Miss Most from College

By Courtney - Bridgewater State University

As finals start to wind down and graduation looms closer most graduates will be reminiscing about the memories they had with their besties. The late night chats, the embarrassing moments, the day you met freshman year as you walked in a giant mass of people to the nearest frat party. But those girls and guys aren't the only ones you’ll have to say goodbye to come graduation day; there’s also all those randoms you’ve met along the way that added a little spice to your college career.

The ones you see daily but NEVER talk to.
The ones that you share awkward smiles with when you see people take a tumble on an icy street.
The boy from your intro to Anthropology class that giggled with you whenever your teacher unintentionally said something funny.

These are the people you have taken for granted for the past four years and soon they’ll be out of your life forever. When you think about it – it being the fact that you have met so many people that you’ll never see again – it's weird, right? So let’s take a moment to reflect on these randoms and give them the goodbye they deserve:

The Bartender who always slipped you a shot or two: You're not sure when or how the connection started, but it did, and now you get free drinks every time you saddle up to the bar. You don’t know his/her name, but he/she has had a bigger impact on your college career than your Psych 101 professor. You’ve share a secret unspoken bond…well, until you graduate and never see each other again. You will be missed, Generous Bartender Person.

Your First Guy: You shared your first college date, your first college kiss, or maybe lost your virginity to him. You might not speak anymore, but he has always been just been a couple of dorms away. Now that you’re both graduating and moving on, that’s no longer the case. And it’s a strange, strange feeling.

Your Secret Crush: You've lived in the same building since freshman year and see him all the time in the dining hall, but you’ve never actually exchanged words. You spent the last four years daydreaming that he would one day approach you, you’d share witty banter and the rest would be history. Well, that never happened. Now he’s just the ‘what if ‘ in the back of your mind. The one that got away. The one that you can’t even stalk post-grad because you aren’t even Facebook friends.

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