05/18/2011 12:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Maher On 'Hardball': Schwarzenegger Scandal Overblown, Gingrich 'Professor Of Idiocy' (VIDEO)

Bill Maher told Chris Matthews that the attention being paid to the Arnold Schwarzenegger case is overblown.

Speaking on Tuesday's "Hardball," Maher said that the revelation of the former governor's love child "should not be a giant surprise."

Matthews wondered if the scandal said anything about American politics. "Can you compartmentalize?" he asked, noting that Schwarzenegger "didn't do anything on public time."

"Well, you can do that, but not in America," Maher said. "You can do that in sophisticated countries. We are not one of those. We are a childish country, and if somebody has their pee-pee in the news, it's going to be the top story for a lot of people."

The two also discussed Newt Gingrich, who has recently kicked off his campaign for the presidency. Maher called him "ugly" inside and out, and Matthews said he "looked like the devil."

Maher noted that people often call Gingrich a "professor" bursting with ideas. "He's a professor of idiocy," he said. "He has never ever been a brilliant man."


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