05/19/2011 04:03 pm ET Updated Jul 19, 2011

New York City Tax Calculator: Online App Helps New Yorkers See Where Their Taxes Go

What is New York City doing with all of our money?

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants to help city tax payers find out. Stringer's office launched an online app that calculates how much of your hard earned dough is going where.

“New Yorkers have been in the dark for too long about where their City tax dollars wind up, and it’s our job to shine a light so constituents know exactly how they are being served,” Stringer said in a press release. “The new budget calculator we are launching today can help make government more accessible and more transparent than ever before."

An unmarried person with no children making $25,000 paid about $543 in 2010 city taxes, according to the calculator. Eighteen percent of that ($98.25) goes to education, while 16 percent ($87.61) pays for social services. Pensions for city employees and police, fire and criminal justice costs swallow up about 16 and 15 percent of your tax dollars respectively.

City Room notes that, based on the calculator's figures, the city spends "more on the Department of Education each year than on the Police, Fire and Correction Departments combined."

Click over to the Borough President's site to try the app yourself.