05/23/2011 08:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Survives Rapture, Makes GOP Prediction (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow ended her Friday show by making a fancy cocktail to toast the possibly-impending onset of Judgment Day, and telling her viewers, "if the Rapture doesn't happen on Saturday night, I'll be on Chris Matthews' show on Sunday morning."

Either the Rapture didn't happen--which seems very unlikely--or Maddow was left behind with the rest of the world's sinners, because the conservative site Newsbusters found her holding forth on Matthews' show, just like she said she would be.

On the show, Maddow predicted that there will be a Republican presidential candidate who will avoid all interviews with the mainstream media, and focus solely on conservative outlets.

"Hey, good news is I'm always wrong," she hedged after making the prediction.