05/24/2011 10:48 am ET Updated Jul 24, 2011

Denver Broncos Are Not In A Rush To Trade Kyle Orton

The Denver Broncos appear to see a lot of value in holding onto Kyle Orton for the upcoming season, NFL lockout permitting.

Earlier in the month, Elway made a statement on Sirius XM Radio saying it was “hard to tell” if both Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton would be on the Broncos’ week one roster, as The Huffington Post reported recently.

Orton has been seen at some of the off season team practices organized by veteran safety Brian Dawkins as The Denver Post reported weeks ago.

And as NBC Sports ProFootballTalk reports, even though the Minnesota Vikings have shown interest in trading for Orton, the Broncos are not all that interested in trading him unless they got a second-round pick or better. If the best offer they could get was a third-round pick, they are more than likely to keep both Orton and Tebow under contract.