05/24/2011 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

In Unaired 'SNL' Mozart Sketch, Timberlake Gets Meta (VIDEO)

The best part about seeing "Saturday Night Live" in person (if you ever get the chance) is seeing the differences between the dress rehearsal and what actually makes it to air. Even though Justin Timberlake is a pro at "SNL" by now, at least one of his sketches this past weekend never saw broadcast: the super-meta Mozart sketch you'll find in the video below.

With Timberlake as Wolfgang Amadeus himself, the sketch features Abby Elliot, Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam as Mozart's entourage of supporters, who grow concerned after he announces he's beginning an acting career. What follows is a tongue-in-cheek discussion of Mozart's career that quickly becomes inseparable from Timberlake's, from his roots in "Ze Austrian Mouse Club" to his appearances on the "Saturday Evening Farce."

It's hard to say why this one didn't make the Lorne Michaels cut. Was it just too meta? Not funny enough? Too self-indulgent on Timberlake's part? Or was it because, at one point, Timberlake responds to praise for Justin Bieber by saying, "Why don't you just put a wig on a chipmunk and teach it to act like a black man?"

Like we said, it's hard to tell.


Via Best Week Ever