05/25/2011 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Am I Wearing A Dress? The One Flowchart Every Woman Should Follow (PICTURE)

We've all been there before, and most often we don't realize until it's too late. No, I'm not talking about having food stuck in your teeth while giving an important presentation, I'm talking about falling victim to GLHD syndrome. For those who don't know, GLHD stands for "Girls Leaving the House Dressless," and it's become the downfall of thousands of women across the world.

But not to fear! From Lily Szajnberg and Keeli Davis comes the following lifesaving flowchart, based on Amy Sly's "Am I Wearing Pants?" infographic, another significant style quiz.

Together, we can help eradicate GLHD syndrome.

(via Buzzfeed)