05/31/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kentucky Homeless Group Headed To Help Joplin Tornado Victims

Twelve homeless persons from Lexington, Ky. are traveling to the storm-ravaged Joplin, Mo. to help recovery efforts, reports the Associated Press.

Sponsored by the Christian Appalachian Project and the Catholic Action Center, the group is looking forward to lending a hand and helping others through a situation they know well.

Volunteer Christina Carl told the AP:

"I know what it is to be homeless, and a lot of these people have lost their homes. I can kind of identify with them in some situations. I just want to try to help and give back because a lot of people are helping me right now."

Ginny Ramsey, who has helped organize and train the group of homeless volunteers, says that all the volunteers signed an agreement to stay away from alcohol or drugs on the trip. She says she's confident that they will keep their sobriety because helping others will "fill the void."

"There is nothing that revives the human spirit more than to know that you're needed, and then to put your energy into it," she said. "Experiencing homelessness doesn't make them any different from the rest of us. Their compassion is there, their ability is there."

WKYT reports that the group experienced some snags while making travel arrangements, but they overcame their problems by coordinating efforts with other support groups in the area.

Rudy Alarcon, a volunteer, explained how the community stepped in to help.

"Well, what's really cool is that everybody here has got a lot of pooled in resources," Alarcon said, "They've got a lot of long-standing friendships with the local community, which is really kind of... it's hard to find."


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