06/01/2011 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jane Lynch At News Corp: Rips Fox News, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, 'The Daily'

Ripping through awkward web of corporate ownership and subsidiary properties, Jane Lynch gutted up and went for broke in a rip-roaring introduction speech at the D9 tech conference on Tuesday, ripping News Corp and Fox News despite her and the conference's contractual allegiance to the media behemoth.

In a spoof speech that hit hard nonetheless, Lynch channeled Sue Sylvester, her Emmy-winning "Glee" character, as she hit out against the conservative bigwigs at Fox News and its parent News Corp. "Glee," of course, is shown on the Fox broadcast network, while D9 is put on by All Things Digital, which is owned by News Corp, as well.

Pretending to be acting CEO, Lynch said that she was enacting some changes while Rupert Murdoch was in China. She riffed on their iPad-only publication, The Daily, promising to shut that down, before promising the integration of "Family Circus" and other comics in The Wall Street Journal.

Then, the big guns came out.

"I'm launching a Fox News investigation into the young and fresh face cast of 'Glee,' she said, joking about Fox News' coverage of President Obama's birth certificate. "I have some inside information and I don't believe one of them are real Americans. I've also convinced Glenn Beck to stay on at Fox for one final gig - as a dying patient 'House' -- with a horrendous malady. His sickness is consuming him from the inside out."

Finally, a hit at Sarah Palin, who was also in New York on Tuesday to meet with Donald Trump.

"I'm pretty sure we got Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on 'Glee.' She'll perform an original tune I penned: 'Look at Me, I'm Batsh*t Crazy," she said to major laughs in the audience.