06/03/2011 09:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart To Anthony Weiner: 'Just Tell The Truth!' (VIDEO)

Every week on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart rides the line between comedian and journalist, satirist and pundit. This week that line was even harder to define, as Stewart showed how conflicted he was about covering/mocking his close friend Rep Anthony Weiner's penis photo scandal.

With a little help from his above-the-shoulder "News Angel" Tom Brokaw and "Comedy Devil" Don Rickles, Stewart figured out a way to cover his old college buddy's embarrassing situation without giving it the full "Daily Show" political sex scandal treatment. Instead, Stewart gave his friend some advice with the help of a smooth R&B back-up singer.

"If you're sending pictures of your penis as bait for young women to follow you on Twitter, you've got to go," Stewart said. "But if you just had some junk shots on your computer?"

"Join the club," the R&B singer crooned.

Stewart asked Weiner to "help us help you" by coming clean about the photo so he can move on with important matters. Assuming he's telling the truth about not tweeting the photo himself, he just had to admit he either had the photo on his computer, or that he was pranked, not that he "can't say with certitude" whose equipment is in the shot.

All in all, Stewart wants to help his friend, not hurt him. So even though a Representative named Weiner tweeting a picture of a wiener is impossible not to mock, Stewart really just wants his friend to get out of the muck:

"I'm asking you, against my own interest as a comedian, just tell the truth!"