06/03/2011 12:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tonje Langeteig's 'I Don't Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife' (VIDEO)

We don't know a ton about Norway, but we've gotta guess that no one over there is pleased that their biggest export this week was a music video from Tonje Langeteig -- a grown woman who is setting her sights high by trying to recreate Rebecca Black's viral success. The formula? A low budget, less-than-impressive vocals, a token rap verse, and scenes from what we can only imagine is the world's emptiest basement-cum-discotheque.

While Tonje's single probably lacks the catchiness it needs to take her all the way to YouTube infamy, it does possess a certain Countess Luann charm that we can't quite put our finger on.

You don't wanna be a crappy housewife, Tonje? Fair enough.

We'll be patiently waiting for your follow-up single about all of the careers you are interested in.


Via The Daily What

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