SlutWalk Chicago Turns Out Hundreds (PHOTOS)

In the middle of a sunny Saturday when many Chicagoans were hightailing it to the beach, hundreds headed, instead, to the inaugural SlutWalk Chicago in the Loop. Beginning at noon at the Thompson Center, participants marched first toward the lake, then down to Jackson before listening to a number of community activists who spoke during a rally at Daley Plaza.

The event was Chicago activists' local contribution to a growing international movement countering myths and stereotypes associated with sexual assault. The incident that started it all -- a Toronto police officer's assertion, in January, that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" -- has literally gone transcontinental: SlutWalks were also held in Los Angeles and Edinburgh on Saturday, while upcoming rallies have also been planned in London, Washington, D.C. and even New Delhi.

In an interview previewing the event, SlutWalk Chicago co-organizer Jessica Skolnik told Huffington Post Chicago the event's risque name "tips its hat to the work done by the Toronto organizers and other organizing being done around the world - and it allows us to open up and continue discussions about how sexual double standards are connected to interpersonal violence and victim-blaming."

If you missed the march, scroll through our gallery capturing some of SlutWalk Chicago's oft-scantily-clad revelers below.

Slut Walk Chicago