06/07/2011 08:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Steals 'The Word': Colbert Emmy Feud Escalates (VIDEO)

Monday's episode of "Late Night" saw Jimmy Fallon fanning the flames of his Emmy war with his "best friend of six months" Stephen Colbert. Last week, Colbert expressed righteous indignation that in NBC's Emmy screener sent to voters, the network included a picture of Colbert's guest spot on Fallon's show as touting the NBC late night talk show. In retaliation, Colbert did his own tongue-in-cheek version of Fallon's signature "Thank You Notes" bit.

In his own defense, Fallon saw no problem with using Stephen to compete against himself. "I've always said, if you want to see the best of Stephen Colbert, all you have to do is watch 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.'" Not to be outdone, Fallon then performed his own take on one of Colbert's most notable segments, "The Word," in which Fallon made some light jabs at Colbert, but conceded which late night show would inevitably beat them both.