06/09/2011 10:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12-Foot, 650-Pound Alligator Caught And Killed In Florida (VIDEO)

Locals near Julington Creek, Florida captured and killed a 12-foot, 650-pound alligator on Sunday.

Apparently, the reptile began going after some local dogs, and residents felt it needed to be taken down. The gator had begun to scare local residents who swam in the same river, according to CNN.

Julington Creek has seen its share of large gators. "We see a lot of 4-footers and 6-footers. It's really no big deal. This thing was 12-foot," Jason Smith, one of the locals who helped trap the monster told WJAX.

According to the local station, the record size of an alligator caught in the area is 14 feet.

Trapping it was a battle. Trappers had to use harpoons and buoys to try to subdue the animal, but the efforts seems to simply enrage it. According to WJAX, the gator furiously thrashed about giving the trappers a real take on it's size.

American alligators are ranked among the lowest concern for becoming an endangered species according to IUCN's Red List.

To see pictures of the enormous gator, click here for the slideshow from WJAX.