06/12/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

Chicago's Best Beer Gardens: North Center Edition

Chicago neighborhoods are filled with bars touting sidewalk patios and rooftop lounges as “beer gardens,” but few spots live up to the name. A true beer garden is sprinkled with foliage and offers a wide array of brews in a spacious outdoor setting. Though they are tough to find in the heart of the city, these North Center picks include some of the most genuine beer gardens in Chicago.

Jury’s Food and Drink: Don’t let the white tablecloths and fresh seafood options fool you -- Jury’s is still a casual neighborhood hangout. This may not be the spot for a raucous night of drinking, but those looking to relax with neighborhood couples and families will find themselves at home in Jury’s flower-adorned beer garden.
4337 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-935-2255

O’Donovan’s: With plenty of space, several flat-screen TVs and shady trees, this North Center spot has one of the best beer gardens in the neighborhood. The bar is usually packed with 20-somethings, but area regulars still stop in for plates of calamari and a seat in front of the game. Plus, where else can you find magicians walking around performing at tables on weekend nights?
2100 W. Irving Park Rd.; 773-478-2100

Gannon’s Pub: The beer garden at this North Center spot is located next to a Jewel parking lot, but thanks to a tall wooden fence it’s barely noticeable. Gannon’s boasts a relaxed atmosphere and a fine selection of beers, including options from Bell’s and Rogue. To top it off, the menu includes better-than-average pub fare like a buffalo chicken sandwich with boursin cheese and a gorgonzola, bacon and artichoke dip with pita bread.
4264 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-281-1007

Resi’s Bierstube Restaurant and Tavern: As one of the few authentic German brauhauses in the city, Resi’s has a reputation for sizable brews and drool-worthy German eats like Bavarian pretzels, bratwurst, potato pancakes and schnitzel. Best of all, the beer garden is one of the best in the city, with giant trees growing through the cement and flowerboxes lining the perimeter.
2034 W. Irving Park Rd.; 773-472-1749