06/10/2011 06:30 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

Elaan Brudno, Boulder Resident, Accidentally Invites Mass Craigslist Thefts

Craigslist has been known to host more than a few odd queries. When readers stumbled across Boulder resident Elaan Brudno's post, then, it must have seemed pretty straightforward: "EVERYTHING'S FREE!!!" followed by a generic list of items and an address.

The Craigslist ad:

Chalk it up to Boulder's activist spirit, but Brudno hadn't counted on the ad being so successful. Or being taken so literally.

Brudno left home early Saturday, leaving the house "unsecured and open" according to the police report. When she returned at around 8:45 a.m., she was shocked to find people in her house carting off items. Items she hadn't intended to give away, included many that belonged to her roommates.

Her roommate told the Daily Camera she thinks Brudno is responsible for much of the mishap, but that doesn't excuse the actions of Craigslist "garage sailors" who entered the house without invitation.

Brudno seeks the return of stolen items in a later Craigslist ad:

The latest ad resulted in the return of a backpack full of men's clothing, but much is still missing, including their landlord's lawn mower and garden hose. If anyone has possession of these items, you are asked to email