06/10/2011 08:22 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin On The Outs: Report

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's harsh criticism of Sarah Palin earlier in June may have struck some as surprising. After all, hadn't Hasselbeck campaigned for Palin during the 2008 election? According to PopEater, though, the two have been on the outs for months because Palin is ignoring Hasselbeck.

A friend of Hasselbeck's told the site that Hasselbeck tried to get in touch with Palin over and over again, only to be snubbed.

"Elisabeth feels used by Sarah," the friend said. "When she needed her, she was all over Elisabeth and now she treats her like a stranger. It's sad."

Besides her pointed comments last week—in which she said Palin was "manipulating" the media—Hasselbeck also criticized Palin's notorious "crosshairs" political map, calling it "despicable" after Gabrielle Giffords was shot in January.