06/10/2011 06:01 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn In 'Insane Laws': Buddy Comedy Could Film In Fall

Aging in Hollywood is more than just the insurmountable momentum of time pushing one through the circle of life, constantly unmooring the stakes so desperately dug into familiarity and some semblance of comfort and understanding: it's a major career decision.

Though actors and actresses can stem the tide better than most, with surgeries and injections and tricks of light and film, getting older, even in show business, is inevitable and delicate. As wrinkles appear, pushing out youthful sex appeal, doors shut on old roles, with no certainty that doors will open to new opportunities. Such is the worry of each stage of growing fame, from teen star to a 20-something breakout to 30-something A-lister: what, if anything, is next?

Jason Bateman has traversed the space-time continuum better than most. The one time "Hogan Family" member and Teen Wolf made his early 30's comeback on "Arrested Development," and ever since, has established himself as a leading man of deadpan comedy, with two headlining films -- "The Change-Up," and "Horrible Bosses" -- this summer to back up his A-list credential. Now 42-years old, he's -- perhaps a bit prematurely -- moving on to a new stage in his career (or at least, making his first early foray): young grandfather.

Deadline reports that Bateman is in talks to sign on to the comedy "Insane Laws," in which he'd play Vince Vaughn's lifelong best friend. According to the report, the film, to be written and directed by "The Break Up" scripter Jeremy Garelick, will feature "Couple's Retreat" co-stars Bateman and Vaughn as the fathers of college age kids who fall in love -- and conceive a baby.

Bateman has a long history of dad roles, with his most famous progeny being a young Michael Cera in "Arrested Development." As a potential surrogate dad, he seduced Ellen Page in "Juno," and in "The Change-Up," due this August, he plays a responsible dad of three who switches bodies with Ryan Reynolds, who plays his lifelong best friend in that comedy.

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