06/13/2011 11:55 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

What Women (And Men) Tweet 'Outliers'

Scott Clement reviews the demographics of Obama's disappearing post-bin Laden bump.

Gary Langer reviews open-ended likes and dislikes of Obama; Peyton Craighill has more.

Ron Brownstein ponders the return of Obama's support to 2008 levels.

Seth Masket responds to Nate Silver with a defense of economic forecast models

Jonathan Bernstein says obsessing over Obama's state-by-state plans now is a waste of time.

Frank Newport tracks the decline in Gingrich's numbers before his staff resigned.

Mark Mellman looks into Herman Cain's poll numbers.

Andrew Levison considers why Democrats haven't made jobs a winning strategy, William Galston and Jon Chait have more.

Jeremy Pope and Matthew Levendusky find few issue differences among red and blue state residents.

John Sides highlights research relevant to whether Anthony Weiner can survive and another study on persuading Americans to support health reform.

The Telepgraph shares Greenberg & Rosner's 2005 internal critique of Mark Penn's polling (in case the book wasn't enough).

Rock the Vote scores state voting systems and finds them failing younger voters.

PPP tests a random person in South Carolina; Steve Shepard checks the ethics.

A data rights advocate pays an artistic tribute to Susannah Fox of the Pew Internet & American Life Project..

Kaiser Fung finds another unreadable pie chart..

An NYU student creates a keyboard sculpture showing the frequency of keys uses.

The Onion reports on Quinnipiac's Nobama 2012 "poll."

Nathan Yau explains Tweetoflife, which allows comparisons of what men and women tweet about.