06/12/2011 03:46 am ET Updated Aug 11, 2011

Anthony Lepore's 'New Wilderness' At M+B Gallery and Francois Ghebaly Gallery In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Anthony Lepore's "New Wilderness" exhibition at M +B Gallery and Francois Ghebaly Gallery is an examination of the manufactured image of nature. Lepore shoots his images in the visitor centers of designated wilderness areas, which serve as indoor theatrical representations of the wild. The photos themselves are often of these displays, reframed through Lepore's lens and reflect the fact that the predominant way people experience nature today is through photography.

"New Wilderness" is a two-part exhibition of color photographs at M+B as well as the Francois Ghebaly Gallery. The show will be at both galleries until June 18th.

Anthony Lepore Show