06/13/2011 02:19 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2011

Calvin Pitts, Amanda Deleon Arrested For Felony Child Abuse After Their 3-Month-Old Baby Is Found Dead (UPDATE)

Denver parents Calvin Pitts, 28, and Amanda Deleon, 21, have been arrested and charged with child abuse after their 3-month-old boy, Sanai Pitts, was found not breathing in their apartment Saturday morning.

The Denver Post reports that authorities responded to a call to the apartment where Pitts and Deleon were living and found the child was not breathing. the infant was rushed to Swedish Medical Center and pronounced dead at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday morning.


Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon, parents of their deceased 3-month-old son Sanai were formally charged with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury Thursday, according to The Denver Post.

However, the autopsy results have not been released, the investigation is not completed, and Prosecutors are saying that more charges will likely follow once that information is available, The Denver Post reports.


Although the autopsy on 3-month-old boy Sanai Pitts performed by the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner was inconclusive, as the Denver Post reported, evidence of abuse and multiple injuries was found.

Numerous injuries were discovered by official examiners which they called "non accidental trauma and serious bodily injury," as CBSDenver reports, including a broken right leg, broken left wrist, a burn on the left thigh, scab on the chin and ear injuries.

The parents discuss injuries in further detail in the Denver police report.

CBSDenver reports that both the mother, DeLeon, and father, Pitts, described abuse that they each participated in. The father of the 3-month-old described how the mother had severely burned the child's leg with a towel she had first placed in the microwave and then on the child. Pitts admitted to accidentally burning the child with a lit cigarette that fell on the 3-month-old.

The mother described a recent occasion when the baby was crying on its belly and she moved him, the baby let out a cry and she thought that is when the child's leg was broken, as reported by CBSDenver. She also described a time when she put a scalding hot washcloth on her baby boy's left leg - when she removed the cloth, some of the baby's skin came off with it.


The infant’s cause of death is still to be determined, but authorities have announced that the child was abused regularly during its short life. Matt Murray with the Denver Police states to CBS Denver :

The parents were arrested for felony child abuse because we were able to determine through several means that there were numerous injuries to the child and in different stages over a period of time.

Both of the parents have criminal records. According to The Denver Post, Pitts, the boy’s father, has been arrested six times in the past year alone, most of which were for misdemeanor drug possession charges. Deleon, the deceased child’s mother, was arrested three times in 2009 for misdemeanor drug possession and once years prior for a felony drug possession charge.

The Office of the Medical Examiner will determine the baby’s cause of death.