06/14/2011 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gary Allenson Ejected: Minor League Manager Climbs Outfield Fence (VIDEO)

Bob Knight's chair toss, Lou Pinella's infamous "dirt kick" and now, Gary Allenson's outfield wall climb?

Allenson, manager of the triple-A Norfolk Tides, was literally driven up the wall during Sunday night's game when an umpire reversed his call, changing Tides left fielder Tyler Henson's ninth inning blast from a home run to a ground ruled double.

According to stadium rules, for a hit to be ruled a home run, the ball must clear both the soft outfield wall and the yellow railing a few feet behind it. If the ball lands between the soft outfield wall and the yellow railing, the hit is technically a ground ruled double.

Judging by the footage, Henson's hit fell just short of that yellow railing, and when the umpire returned from behind the wall with what he said was Tyler's ball, Allenson -- having already been ejected -- took the opportunity to scale the fence in search of additional baseballs.

"My point with the umpire, when they changed it to being a ground-rule double, was: How do you know that's the ball [that Henson hit]?" Allenson explained to IndyWeek. "That's why I climbed the wall: maybe I could find a ball out there, too. Maybe there are five balls out there."

The Tides eventually beat the Durham Bulls, 11-5.