06/14/2011 10:01 am ET Updated Aug 14, 2011

New MacBook Air Release Date: Out By Month's End?

According to Reuters, Apple may begin to sell the newest version of its MacBook Air by the end of the month.

Reuters reports on a note from Taiwan's Economic Daily, which claims that 380,000 units of the new computer will ship in June. The note also suggests that the iPad 3 will launch in the fourth quarter, with a resolution of five to six times that of the iPad 2, though AppleInsider points out that this rumor is unsubstantiated and seems unlikely.

It was previously rumored that Apple would be releasing the new MacBook Air this week, though those reports were later revised to say that Apple would instead start selling unlocked iPhone 4's at its stores this week and not new MacBooks. The unlocked iPhone 4 has indeed gone on sale.

The last MacBook Air was released in October 2010.