06/15/2011 10:55 am ET Updated Aug 15, 2011

Michael Hancock, Denver Mayor-Elect, Releases Personal Cell Phone Records To Clear His Name (UPDATE)

Despite originally deciding not to release his personal cell phone records over the weekend, Denver Mayor-Elect Michael Hancock has shared his personal cell phone records with The Denver Post and 9News on Tuesday.

Hancock made the stunning move as he continues to fight the allegations that he was a client of now-defunct Denver Players/Denver Sugar escort service.


Mayor-elect Michael Hancock's missing cell phone records from T-Mobile from 2005 were released on Thursday. Reporters from The Denver Post and 9News reviewed the newly received records and found no calls to or from the Denver Players/Denver Sugar brothel, The Denver Post reports.

The Denver Post also reports that some records from April 2007 are still missing, due to a T-Mobile technical issue and the cell phone provider is not yet sure if they will be able to retrieve the call records because of the glitch.


9News and The Denver Post spent six hours looking through 800 pages of Hancock’s cell phone records spanning a four year period, on Tuesday afternoon, and the records show there is no connection between Hancock and the brothel, as reported by 9News. None of the numbers used to arrange a meeting with a prostitute were ever dialed from Hancock’s cell phone.

However, Denver Players/Denver Sugar’s appointment books claim that Hancock always called from pay phones so it remains to be seen if this record release quells all the rumors.

Hancock had this to say in a statement to 9News about releasing his personal cell phone records:

I provided the Denver Post and 9NEWS with thousands of pages of my personal cell phone records - fully disclosed and unedited. The records cover a period of time spanning four years, and the review found nothing to substantiate these hateful allegations against me. In addition, I have provided the news media with my calendar records, and the Denver Police Department has stated it has no evidence to support these allegations.

9News and The Denver Post report that all of the media requested cell phone records were provided by Hancock’s attorney, however there were some dates in question missing due to a T-Mobile glitch, but Hancock’s staff is going to gather the missing records and allow reporters to see those as well.

The Denver Post and 9News did a thorough investigation, even cross-referencing dates that Hancock was allegedly inside the brothel or on a date with a prostitute with Hancock’s cell records on that date. The Denver Post reports that Hancock’s phone was frequently in use at times when the brothel appointment logs alleged he was with a prostitute.