06/16/2011 04:29 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2011

Apple Removes Glass Cube In New York Apple Store Renovation

The immense glass cube on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue that marks the entrance to the Apple Store will be removed soon.

Don't worry--it's coming back

According to ifoAppleStore, Apple has started construction at the location to remove the glass cube, but will later reinstall it. Construction could be finished by early November.

Building permits show that Apple will spend $6,661,050 on the project, though it's not yet clear why exactly the cube is being removed in the first place. Construction workers have already begun to erect walls around the plaza where the cube sits. The cube reportedly cost $7 million when it was first built in 2006.

The store is one of the most photographed structures in New York on Flickr, and stands 32 feet high, encasing a glass elevator wrapped by a glass stair. The striking design was trademarked in 2010, and the store's lease shows that if Apple wanted to move the store, they would take the cube along with them.

Apple is also reportedly planning to open its biggest retail location yet in New York's Grand Central Station. To find out more about the exacting conditions employees meet in Apple stores, read here.