06/16/2011 03:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sean Murphy Shoots Finger Off To Get Rid Of Wart

Sean Murphy couldn't stand the pain from his wart any longer.

The 38-year-old English security guard decided to take drastic measures. He got drunk to numb his finger, then grabbed his shotgun and blasted off "almost his entire finger" according to the Telegraph. The incident also left him facing 15 years in jail for the illegal possession of a firearm.

Thankfully for Murphy, he was only given a 16-week suspended sentence and community service.

Murphy told the Yorkshire Post that he was just glad to have the painful wart out of his life.

"The best thing is that the wart has gone," he said. "It was giving me lot of trouble.”

MSNBC notes that the blemish was "on the joint closest to the tip of his middle finger, and was causing the digit to bend unnaturally."