06/17/2011 12:12 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2011

Bruce Oldfield Imagines What Princess Diana Would Be Like At Age 50

The late Princess Diana would have turned 50 years old in July and asked her go-to couturier and confidant Bruce Oldfield what he'd imagine her to be like today. Oldfield remarked, "She would have found being 50 quite funny, in the same way we all did," explaining:

I don't think she would have turned into one of those ladies who lunch or who are on the boards of endless charities. There was no self-aggrandisement behind her choices. She took things on where she could make a difference. [...] I doubt she would have stayed in the UK. I could see her in the United States, but not Europe -- for a start she didn't speak any languages. But New York, yes, I could see her walking down Fifth Avenue and being allowed to get on with it.

Would she have remarried? Emotionally, she would have dealt with a lot of baggage and come out the other end. Her marriage was not the easiest journey for someone like her. [...] I don't think it would have been Dodi. Who knows? If she found the right guy, perhaps she would have. The thing with Diana, it could have been anybody -- a Texan millionaire, a Hollywood star.

Oldfield added that she would have remained close to her sons, of course.

The outspoken designer recently found himself in the spotlight in advance of the Royal Wedding. Oldfield was, at one point, the bookies' favorite with the odds 1-3 that he'd be making Kate Middleton's dress. He played coy until the last 24 hours, often refocusing the media's attention on the confections he created for Lady Di.

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