06/17/2011 09:40 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Traci Nobles On Anthony Weiner Photos, Facebook Chats: 'It Was More Than Just Sexual'

Traci Nobles appeared Friday on NBC's "Today" show to discuss her online relationship with Anthony Weiner. The 35-year-old cheerleading coach from Georgia exchanged explicit Facebook messages and video chatting with Weiner via Skype over a period of eight months. And despite the media scrutiny the scandal has caused, she says she doesn't regret it.

“I follow politics pretty closely, so I was a big fan of Anthony Weiner's politics. And so Facebook -- I started to follow his public page,” Nobles told host Ann Curry about how their relationship began.

“He friended me. I liked his posts or commented on his posts.... So he reached out to me,” she said.

“It was mutual,” Nobles said of her relationship with Weiner. “I'm not a victim.”

“I was flattered,” Nobles said. “It was more than just sexual. We exchanged music or talked about life in general. It wasn't really personal as far as going into personal lives or that sort of thing.”

“It happened. It is what it is,” Nobles told Curry. “I don't regret it.”

Nobles was outed earlier this month by her roommate, who sent a screenshot of a private Facebook conversation between Nobles and Weiner to the Las Vegas Sun.

“I really regret that this was sent to you,” Nobles told the Sun.“She thought someone should know.”