06/19/2011 07:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Mission Icefly' VIDEO: Amazing Footage Of Flying Lightshow

Revelers at this year's Bonnaroo music festival were atwitter over a beautiful 'flying lightshow,' as thousands of small LEDs were released above the crowd.

Now video of the enthralling experience -- apparently known as 'Mission Icefly' -- has been released on the web.

Check it out:

The folks over at FirstShowing.net are just as confused about the origins of Mission Icefly:

What is Mission Icefly and what does it have to do with anything? Obviously we still don't know yet, but we're damn well intrigued, that's for sure. Once the lights landed, it was discovered they were actually just small paper helicopters (genius!) that included the viral phrase "Mission Icefly" on them which brought us to that new website. There's good photos of the "icefly" over on Flickr, for those interested in seeing it. But the real video worth watching is this one, where you can see what it was like to watch as thousands of small, blue lights blanketed the night sky - beautiful.