06/21/2011 01:11 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: News And Notes

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The Detroit Pistons have a series of workouts with top prospects Tuesday that features Bismack Biyombo, Tristan Thompson and Markieff Morris. Morris is the longshot here, but GM Joe Dumars loves his toughness, something the Pistons have sorely lacked since Ben Wallace's first stint with the Pistons.

The fact the Pistons are looking at Morris makes Biymobo's workout all the more important. The 18-year-old from the Congo is a defensive menace who loves to rebound, but very few teams have seen him play. Like Enes Kanter, the sample size to evaluate him from is extremely small. Both dominated the Nike Hoops Summit last year, but that was a high school All-Star game, which is not the best way to judge a player's performance in the NBA.

I am growing increasingly unsure of which Jimmer Fredette scenario will pan out in the draft. I'm higher on him than most, it seems, but I have a hard time making a case for him at No. 7 to Sacramento. Fredette was apparently very impressive in a one-on-one last week against Kemba Walker in Salt Lake City, but drafting a known quantity who has limited potential to develop is a tough sell that high in the draft.

Then again, GM Geoff Petrie is on a very hot seat. And with Tyreke Evans regressing, he needs to make some sort of splash. Essentially, he doesn't have the time to draft a higher-risk type and wait it out for him to develop. Even he would be overdrafted at No. 7, Fredette would at least be able to perform immediately.

My hunch is still that the Kings will nab Walker. The other wildcard in Jimmer's draft position is the Utah Jazz, which I'm not convinced is sold on Devin Harris as the long-term solution at the point.

If GM Kevin O'Connor loves Jimmer as much as I think he does, then he could feasibly take Kanter at No. 3 and either risk waiting for Fredette at No. 12, or trade up to get him somewhere in the top 10. If he isn't as high on Fredette though, than I fully expect him to select Brandon Knight at No. 3 and then take a wing at No. 12. (What takes place on draft night is like a crazy chess game. Honestly, you really don't know what will happen until it happens.)

My favorite player in the draft throughout this process has been Washington St.'s Klay Thompson, who has the basketball pedigree, talent and acumen to become a star in this league. At 6'7," he also has the size to play all over the floor. Or, as one front office rep tells me: "He has a definable NBA skill with his shooting."

While I still think it's unlikely he'll sneak into the top 10, I wouldn't necessarily rule it out. Both Milwaukee and Golden St. are ideal suitors at 10 and 11, and I'd be shocked if he dropped below that. I expect Alex Burks of Colorado to be right there as well. The 19-year-old is going to be a very solid pro with his jump shooting, defensive ability and rebounding prowess. Whomever Milwaukee takes, the Warriors should nab the other.

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