06/23/2011 01:51 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2011

'Cooking With Beefcake Too' Teaches Us The Importance Of Male Buttocks, Little Else (VIDEO)

You're a modern independent woman. People don't seem to understand there's no time between your fast-paced career and incredibly hectic social schedule to take something like a cooking class. Well, "Cooking with Beefcake Too" is just what you need, probably!

Granted, you're not going to learn any good recipes from this Everything Is Terrible mash-up of the original video, but if we're being perfectly honest, you'd probably only be signing up for this thing to scope out the hotties anyway. This lady just cuts out the middle man (FROM MARBLE, AM I RIGHT LADIES? THOSE ABS!).

Warning: semi-NSFW buns and innuendo.


COCKTAIL TIME! from EIT! on Vimeo.

Via Best Week Ever